Featuring the self-sealing Heart Valveā„¢ delivering a high rate of flow in a 100% leak proof design, even when the valve is open. The Watergate offers the simplest drinking experience ever, just aim and squeeze.
  • Self-sealing Heart Valve allows water to flow when you want, but seals tight when you don't. Say goodbye to sticky drinks slopping onto your frame during rides.
  • 100% leak proof, locks down for transportation and mixing powdered drinks.
  • Heart Valve eliminates the water hammer spill, even when the cap is open.
  • Simple Hands free open and close valve. Nothing to turn.
  • Removeable poppet for easy cleaning. Simply twist and lift
  • Rubber Over-Molded cap for easy grip
Delivering 50% more water than leading bottles and 15% more flow than even our Big Mouth cap. Easy to open, effortless to use and leak proof when closed. MoFlo delivers the most water when you need it.
  • O-ring sealed, leak proof cap. Locks down for transportation and for mixing powdered drinks.
  • Wide water channel delivers up to 50% greater flow than other leading bottles and 15% more flow than the already great Specialized Big Mouth.
  • Simple Hands free open and close valve. Nothing to turn.
  • Removable poppet for easy cleaning. Simply lift, twist and remove.
  • Easiest open and close of any bottle.

PURIST22oz / 26oz

As pure as drinking from a glass, with all the advantages of a flexible bottle.

With technology inspired by nature's lotus leaf, Purist shields the bottle from odor, stainging and mold build up, so all you taste is the water.


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Long considered a trademark of Specialized bottles, our caps have set the standard for an ultra secure screw top that delivers a steady flow without a shower. For 2011 we are introducing two new caps that offer even greater convenience and water flow: