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One of our favorite projects is creating bottles for the South African non-profit, is a social development program providing sport and recreational activities to children; offering them a safe place to play and grow, while instilling the ability to achieve their goals. Our friend and World Champion mountain biker, Christoph Sauser, shared this photo of the kids and their custom bottles. Enjoy! names Purist 'Top 10' Gear of the Year



“They cost just $8 apiece but offer a big upgrade in the bottle category. Namely, the Purist bottles’ touted “flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass” we found to be for the most part true. The secret ingredient is in an inner surface coating of “infused silicon-dioxide,” which the company says creates a low surface tension to which contaminants can’t readily stick. They easily wash clean, and we found you could go from a sports drink to regular water without the bottle retaining any color or taste. The Purist bottle’s leak-proof cap with a self-sealing valve is a bonus goodie on this new-order hydration vessel.”

Introducing Hydroflo


Purist Watergate Scores Pure Praise



“Pricey but nearly perfect in every way. Specialized's new Purist WaterGate bottle takes virtually any complaint we've had on the lowly water carrier and tackles it head-on, resulting in what is hands-down the best bottle currently available”
Cycling News

“The result is pure water taste in every sip throughout the life of the bottle.”
Road Magazine

“It’s made from silicon dioxide, a material that allows it to mimic the natural behavior of the lotus flower. It doesn’t absorb the liquid contained inside. That means it leaves all the taste, flavor, smell and other properties of your drink for you to enjoy when you’re drinking it, not the next time you have another drink.”
Kinetic Shift

Revolutionary Specialized Purist Delivers Pure Water Taste from Sports Bottles



Specialized, the leading producer of sports water bottles, will be releasing its revolutionary new Purist water bottle—featuring the flexibility and safety of a sports bottle with the pure taste of drinking from a glass—this November.

A patented infusion process renders the inner surface of the new Purist bottle impermeable to taste, odor, or stain. Even in extreme conditions—such as tomato sauce left in the bottle overnight—nothing sticks, so your bottle stays clean and pure. And while mold can still grow in the bottles, a quick rinse washes it away completely.

The result is pure water taste in every sip throughout the life of the bottle.

When researching a way to shield the inner surface of its new bottles, Specialized looked to nature for inspiration and found the solution in the Lotus flower: The surface of a Lotus Leaf sheds water and contaminates through low surface tension. To mimic this surface they discovered Silicon Dioxide, a safe, natural solution, which could be infused into the liner surface.

This inert compound, made from two of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust—Silicon (not to be confused with the chemical “silicone”) and Oxygen—is completely harmless and occurs naturally in plant-based foods such as apples, oranges, cucumbers, and celery. Its use has been approved by the FDA for food storage.

Silicon Dioxide creates a barrier so effective the medical industry uses it to create an ultra-sterile surface for tests that cannot be compromised with even the slightest impurities. So no matter how long that leftover sports drink sits fermenting in the sun, just a quick rinse with water and a mild detergent and Purist is clean and ready for a refill. Specialized had these results verified by independent Swiss certification company, SGS.

Plus, since this is an infusion process, rather than a coating, the liner will never leach into the liquid, nor wear off or crack under pressure. Purist can be frozen, and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. And of course, as with all Specialized bottles, Purist is 100% recyclable, and BPA free.

Along with the new bottles, Specialized is offering a simplified new cap option: The Watergate cap lets the rider simply aim and squeeze without having to open and close the bottle for each drink. Just open the spout once, and the self-sealing Heart Valve™ allows water to flow when you want, but seals tight when you don’t. Say goodbye to sticky-drink spills wherever you use a Purist!